Letting Go of the Old to Make Way for the New.

It has been a crazy week here at Travel Light HQ.

We now only have 2 weeks left until we hand over the keys for our home here in Northern Ireland, put the remaining 1/3 of our possessions into storage and hit the road in our new motor-home, Mirabelle.  Last weekend we had our final family gathering here at Eden which was a really lovely experience with our 5 kidults plus ones plus first grandchild, Sophie all here.  They all left on Monday morning and the letting go started for real…..

Within 48 hours my car, 3 beds, my desk, several chairs and lots of other bits and pieces were sold and collected.  The house is now starting to feel a little empty and it should be a lot more empty after our House Clearance Sale this Saturday.  Eoin has made me promise that I won’t sell our bed until the 23rd August!

Most of the larger pieces of furniture have little if any emotional hold over me but there are a few things which do.  Saying goodbye yesterday to lovely VW Beetle convertible, LuLu, brought a tear to my eye.  She and I have had lots of fun adventures and she has brought me a lot of joy.

Vision burningThen today I made the radical decision to burn all my old Vision Boards.  I have been making a Vision or Dream Board every year for the last 10+ years and, as Life Coach and Law of Attraction Coach, I used them as evidence for my clients and students of just what can manifest when you get clear about what you want.  As I looked through the Vision Boards today I realised that nearly 90% of the images and words on each of them has become reality which is pretty amazing.

First visionThe other thing which I found really interesting as I went through them is that nearly every single one of them since 2005 had an image of a house surrounded by sunflowers or vineyards or lavender on it.  For me, these images epitomised the dream of owning a property in France and now, finally, it is in the process of manifesting!  Sometimes it is our biggest dreams which take the longest to come into reality – usually because at some level we doubt that they are possible.  I certainly did up until last October.

Vision 2013The other image that occurred regularly on the Vision Boards over the last 5-6 years was a motor-home and it makes my heart sing now every time I look out at Mirabelle sitting in our driveway waiting to whisk us off to our new life!

with Mirabelle the motorhome

So why decide to burn and let go of these precious pieces of my personal history?

Quite simply to make way for the new.

I am being absolutely ruthless as I leave this chapter of my life and step into the next one.  Only that which is essential or that which I love dearly is coming with me and, much as I love my Vision Boards, they represent my past and not my future.

This Christmas as I snuggle up in front of a roaring fire somewhere in the Dordogne, I will settle in to create a new Vision Board for 2018 and, at that stage, having been away from all that is so old and familiar to me for 4 months, I believe that I will have clarity about what I truly want 2018 to bring.

What a roller-coaster this whole Travel Light business is!


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  1. Jenny and Eoin, I have never written anything here befire although I have been following your story online for a few months! Just wanted to say how much I admire what you’re doing and the truly inspirational process by which you’ve reached this fabulous decision! I am writing this as I sit outside in 25 degrees in Southern France having enjoyed yet another beautiful meal made from fresh ingredients bought at the local market today. I’m leaving to return home tomorrow after 3 weeks of glorious sunshine, delicious food and total relaxation. What a wonderful decision you’ve made! My very best wishes to you both for your new lives in France. Look forward to following your story…!

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