A curve-ball from the Universe

This pic is an oldie but very relevant to me today!
Lots of people seem to think that spirituality is all about sitting on top of a mountain chanting and meditating all day. If it was that easy, everyone would be an enlightened master (or mistress).
But my version of spirituality is an integrated and lived experience based on finding a way to lead an authentic, healthy and even joyful life whilst still participating fully in this world. That means using every single experience which comes my way to deepen my spiritual practice and to build my trust muscle in a way that is grounded and real.
It may surprise you but I am not a fan of ‘woo woo’ spirituality where you disappear off into the realms of angels, fairies and spirit guides all the time. I am not here to have one big spiritual orgasm after another although I have had many, believe me. Whilst I believe passionately in living in a whole-hearted, loving and peaceful way, I also still believe in keeping our feet firmly on the ground and staying in touch with this physical world which we live in.

So when something unexpected and disappointing comes along as it did for me today I heard immediately the words of my spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson

What’s in the way, is the way.
This means realising that there is some really juicy spiritual growth in this situation for me if I can get my ego mind out of the way.
It means fully feeling my emotions instead of trying to run away from them and finding a healthy way to process them (like writing blog!).
It means speaking my truth in a way that does not aim to hurt another but to honour myself.
It means keeping my feet on the ground, wiggling my toes and staying fully present to myself in this moment.
It means keeping my heart open when it’s natural propensity is to close.
It means breathing deeply.
It means being compassionate and fully present for myself.
It means getting out into nature for a while.
It means leaning into acceptance albeit begrudging acceptance for the moment.
It means reminding myself that the Universe has my back.
It means using the unwanted to show me what I want and focusing on that once the strong emotions have passed.
It means reminding myself that peace is a moment-by-moment choice.
And so, even when the Universe throws me a curve-ball I know that all is well and there is something even better on its way.
Right here, right now, I choose to be at peace.
And so it is.

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  1. Thankyou for your words. So very true.
    If you do not experience sadness…how would you know happiness?
    Life is a learning experience!

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