If you are serious about shifting some stuff then I am here to help!

Having taken a sabbatical from my busy coaching practice while I relocated from Northern Ireland to the Dordogne, I am delighted to be back and offering Transformational Coaching via Zoom (or in person for those who live close to me in the Dordogne).

Since qualifying as a Life & Business Coach in 2005, I have worked with hundreds of people to create positive and meaningful change in their lives.

I am a highly empathic and intuitive Coach who is here to be of service to you if you are ready to embrace your authenticity and to live a life which feels truly meaningful and fulfilling.


Maybe you know that you want to make changes but you aren’t sure exactly what you want or how to take the first step. Or you might have been on your path of self-realisation for some time now and are looking for a coach/mentor to support you to deepen your embodiment through spiritual practice, while living whole-heartedly and courageously.

I am particularly passionate about working with women and female entrepreneurs to help them find more healthy balance in their busy lives and to support them as they make conscious choices to do things that light them up from the inside.

But, mostly, I simply love helping people like you to experience more joy, fulfilment and freedom, and to set you free from whatever is holding you back from an authentic expression of your true self.

I experience great joy from helping people like you to get clear about what it is that you truly want, to inquire into all the obstacles in their way, and then to find a way around (or through) those obstacles.

Over the years, I have realized a specific gift which helps people to shift their perception of a certain situation.  In many cases, this almost immediately relieves their stress, anxiety, fear or  general suffering.


During my life so far, I have experienced systematic bullying, the stillbirth of my first daughter, 2 divorces, living with loved ones with serious mental health problems, supporting my father during dementia and my mother with Motor Neuron Disease, solo parenting,  step-parenting, living with my partner’s Long Covid for 2 1/2 years at this stage, self-image problems, challenging relationships, low self-esteem, addiction, self-employment, communication issues, and much more.  

All this juicy life experience plus 15 years of coaching and supporting a wide variety of clients means that there are very few subjects with which I am not familiar with or haven’t dealt with before.

EVERYTHING is welcome during a coaching session with me. 

EVERYTHING is food for growth.



I offer a FREE Exploratory Session during which we can get to know each other, explore your current situation, and then decide whether we both feel that we want to embark on this Transformative Coaching process together.


I find that the most effective format is to have 60 minute sessions every 2 weeks for 3 months.  If further sessions are wanted or needed then they are usually spread out to 1 session a month for a further 3 or 9 months.  I offer a variety of different packages ranging from as little as €70 per session.  Ultimately, the whole process is guided by you and designed with your needs in mind.  When we meet for your FREE Exploratory Session, we can discuss your specific requirements and what is manageable for you financially.


If, having read all this, you want to book your FREE Exploratory Session then simply email me  and I will get back to you within 48 hours.