Spring Equinox & New Moon Guidance & Ritual

Today is Spring Equinox and the sun is shining brightly here at La Girouette. Over the next 24 hours there is also a New Moon in Aries. According to my favourite astrologer and intuitive Lisa Zimmerman, this is the perfect opportunity to call in that “which is aligned with your Authentic Self or to “challenge old patterns or identities (ex: people pleaser, rigid, victim) that mask your Authentic Self (that is always safe and free)“.

The Spring Equinox combined with this new moon this year represents “a MAJOR new beginning (in a time of MAJOR new beginnings!) and endings, as you shake off old energies that do not serve your future development. Welcome to your next chapter!

Today seems like the perfect time to birth this new website which, like the flowers which are bursting into life all around us here, has been in gestation over the winter quietly waiting for the exactly the right moment to reveal itself and share its vibrant joy with you! It is not 100% formed yet but more content and finishing tweaks will occur over coming days.

Lisa Zimmerman goes on to encourage us to harness this auspicious time of rebirth to –

Set your intentions for the year ahead and write them down. Journal if you like, but get your thoughts on paper (channels the subconscious when you write) - or the computer, but do it. You'll be amazed later to see what has happened... If any sign loves to take action, this is the one - the warrior, the maverick, the pioneer, the courageous, risk-taking, independent spirit (who can be impulsive and impatient, so be mindful). It's time to step up, take action and initiate something fresh in your life, that's aligned with your evolving Authentic Self. This New Moon offers extraordinary opportunities for transformation, with Pluto (power) aspecting it harmoniously, channeling powerful energies that feed renewal and rebirth. Don't look back for old reference points - keep your spirit and (third) eye focused on where you're guided to go - and if anything is leaving or ending, let it go, knowing it's complete. Resistance to "what is" causes pain. Practice aligning with the Now.

I had scheduled today off work as I often do on these important days in the cycle of the year so that I can reflect on all that has manifested and been released since the last sabbat and to set my intentions for this new season. I started the day with this beautiful Spring Restorative yoga session gifted to us by the wonderful Aprille Walker – 

Then, at the end my meditation practice, I sat down with my journal, pulled a card from Miranda Macpherson‘s stunning Cultivating Grace Card Deck and put on some gentle spring music. This card will become the focal point of my spiritual practice between now and Beltane (1st May).

I then tuned into my inner guidance in order to set my intentions for the year ahead. As Lisa instructed, I made sure not to “look back for old reference points” and, instead, open myself up to fresh new energy and inspiration, new ways of seeing things and of doing things.

Several of the heart’s desires which revealed themselves during this process require a substantial inflow of financial abundance in order to manifest and, at this point in time, no obvious source for this to appear from. However, I am well practiced enough to know that these windfalls can appear from anywhere, especially when the intention for drawing them in is clear and pure. In this case, it is so that both Eoin and I can share our gifts with the world in a way which is comfortable and inspirational for us. Specifically, we both need new spaces to work in and Eoin also needs a bigger space in which to practice and enjoy his guitar playing.

As I reflected on these desires, I was reminded of a beautiful practice shared by my beloved teacher and friend, Sally Kempton, in her incredible book “Awakening Shakti” .

Those of you who know me well, know that I am a devotee of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, who is of Good Fortune and Abundance and she is very central to my spiritual life.


Here is what Sally has to say about Lakshmi and money…

Lakshmi is the Shakti of sustenance, and so one of the crucial attitudes for honoring her is to practice sustaining the abundance you have. The fundamental principle around Lakshmi and wealth is to find the balance between carefulness and generosity, between trusting in abundance and taking care of what you have. Knowing that the universe is always ready to offer support, you live without fear, and you use money generously. At the same time, when you look at material wealth as Lakshmi’s expression, you take care of it. On a day-to-day level, Lakshmi’s energy flourishes when we keep budgets, conserve water and energy, and maintain ecological balance in all its forms. So, one of the core practices for honoring Lakshmi is to take care of your money in all the obvious ways: from paying your bills on time and keeping down your credit card debt, to maintaining a savings account and managing your investments, and even to keeping the money in your wallet tidy.

Inspired by this, I then went for a mindful walk around the garden to fully experience this beautiful, light spring energy and gathered these beautiful flowers in preparation for doing the following ritual around 9.30pm CET this evening at the exact point of the Spring Equinox and just as the New Moon appears. It will be accompanied by Miranda Macpherson’s exquisite version of the Lakshmi Mantra.

Sally says, “The following ritual is not, by itself, enough to balance your relationship with money. But if you do it along with some basic, practical strategies for coming into a healthy relationship with physical wealth, it can help you open up to the divine energy within Lakshmi’s physical expression.”


A Ritual for Worshipping Your Money as Lakshmi (from 'Awakening Shakti')

Gather some flowers or flower petals, a cup of water, a candle in a secure holder, a beautiful tray or dish, your wallet, checkbook, credit cards, and a recent bank statement. Then sit somewhere comfortable and complete this exercise.

Take the money out of your wallet, and put it on the tray or dish. Be sure to include some coins, since coins have more “real” value than paper money. Add your checkbook, credit cards, and bank statement.

Light the candle.

Sprinkle a few drops of water (just a few) over the money, the checkbook, and the rest of the items.

Recite the following mantra (which translates to “Ohm, I honor the auspicious goddess of abundance”) nine times:

Aum shrim lakshmibhyo namaha

ohm shreem luhk-shmee-bhyoh nuh-muh-huh

Then, place the flowers one by one on or beside the money and credit cards.

As you do, say, “I offer these flowers to Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance.”

Sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes, sensing these visible symbols of your wealth as symbols of Lakshmi.

To close, write a check for as much as you feel is appropriate, and send it to a worthy charitable cause.

Notice the inner effect of this ritual. Repeat it whenever you feel drawn to do so—even once or twice a week.”

What are your new intentions? What old ways of being and old reference points are you moving beyond this Spring Equinox? What needs to happen to allow you to move into full alignment with your Authentic Self? I would love to hear from you in the comments box below. 

And, if you are really not sure what you want then why not email me to book in for a FREE Exploratory Session of Transformational Coaching with me to help you get that all important clarity of intention?

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