Are there one or more areas of your life where you want or need to make some serious changes?

Does self-sabotage or procrastination often stop you following through on your personal dreams and goals?

Is your life simply too full and busy right now to spend time focusing on what you want from the future?

Do you find it difficult to even know what you want?

If so, then you are invited to join Life Coach Jenny Grainger for RE:NEW – a progressive 12 month program for a select group of 8 like-minded women who want to create dynamic, sustainable, and long-lasting change in their lives.  All from the comfort and ease of our own homes via Zoom!

Over this transformative year together you will work on a personal project which is dear to your heart – a new business venture, a big move to a new life, a career change, finding love, your relationship with your body, deepening your spiritual practice or anything else which brings you joy when you think about it. 

As a group, we will co-create a sacred and supportive sisterhood in which we will encourage, motivate, and hold each other accountable as we…

  • review where we are,
  • reimagine our future,
  • renew how we live,
  • reap the rewards.

Although our culture is very focused on immediate results and instant gratification, nature teaches us that everything has its season and that, in order to enjoy an abundant harvest, we must invest care, time, patience, and love in the seeds which we plant.  This is the same for any personal changes and this program will provide you with the time and space each month to do just that.

Starting on the Autumn Equinox in September 2023, we will move through the four seasons together and harness the wisdom of Mother Nature and the specific energy of each season to support us in the process of transformation…

REVIEW – From the Autumn Equinox to Winter Solstice, as we naturally start to draw inward in the Northern Hemisphere, you will take time to review where you find yourself at this stage in your life, to explore the many lessons that you have learned so far, and to start to gain clarity about what you truly desire.

RE-IMAGINE – From Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox you will use the time of hibernation and slowing down to reimagine your future by tuning into your hearts’ desires and your intentions before sowing seeds of change to harvest later in the year.

RENEW – From Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice, you will spring into life with renewed energy and focus after our period of reflection, feeling empowered to take whatever action is required to live in a balanced, sustainable, and joyfully congruent way.

REAP – From Summer Solstice to the end of our 12 month journey together, you will start to reap the rewards of the work done over the previous 3 seasons and you will have the clarity, self-understanding, and focused intention to continue to make positive choices which support you moving forward.


  • 12 monthly 2 1/2 hour group sessions via Zoom.  These sessions include teaching on a specific theme each month plus coaching from Jenny to work through your blocks/challenges and time for sharing.
  • 11 monthly 1 hour group practice sessions via Zoom including meditation and visualisations to support your personal project.
  • 6 x 1 hour private coaching sessions with Jenny throughout the year.
  • Lifetime access to recordings of all group sessions so you can revisit them at any time.
  • Homework to support your personal project (no more than 2 hours per month unless you chose to invest more time).
  • Course homepage full of supportive resources.
  • Private network for group communications and interactions.
  • Accountability buddies.
  • Recommended practices and exercises to support your journey.


€1,200 payable in advance to confirm your place. 

There is also the possibility of paying 1 instalment of €600 upon registration followed by 6 monthly instalments of €100.


Before applying, please check that you are available to attend at least 10 of the 12 main monthly sessions listed below.  All sessions will be recorded and you will be expected to catch up as soon as possible if you miss one.


6.30-9pm Central European Time on Thursdays…

September 28 (attendance is compulsory)

October 26

November 23

December 28

January 25

February 22

March 21

April 25

May 23

June 20

July 18

August 15 (attendance is compulsory)


Attendance for these Practice Sessions is encouraged but not compulsory.  They take place from 6.30-7.30pm Central European Time on Thursdays…

October 12

November 9

December 14

January 11

February 8

March 7

April 11

May 9

June 6

July 4

August 1


Applications for the 8 places on this program are open now so simply email to receive your application form and set up a short introductory call to meet with me and find out whether this course is a good match for you right now.

Before contacting me, please check that you are available to attend a minimum of 10 of the 12 main monthly sessions as listed above.




In 2005 I gave up my career in TV production having suffered burnout.  At that time I focused all my energy on reimagining and creating a more balanced, fulfilling life doing work I love in service of others.  I retrained as a Life Coach and spent much of the following 13 years coaching individuals and running 12 month courses for small groups in Ireland before following my own dream of moving to France in 2018.  You can find out more about my backstory here.

I am now blessed to live a life which fully supports my own physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing in every way. 

I am very excited to be offering RE:NEW as the first 12 month program which I have offered in 7 years. 

I really hope that you will join me for what is going to be an incredible journey together.